We are glad to inform you of our scheduled Rwanda business conference and networking program scheduled for June 24 to 30th, 2018 in conjunction with the Rwanda Chambers of Commerce and Rwanda Women entrepreneurs.


Quantum Business School & Entrepreneurship Centre is an educational centre that is tailored to address the gap in the educational sector in Nigeria. The centre also seeks to provide entrepreneurial training for would be new business starts ups on how they can start their businesses from idea conception stage to product development, marketing, book keeping, managing a business to writing a business plan.

This business school has been in existence 2006 and has so far trained more than 2,000 students on its entrepreneurship training programme. In 2015, QBS became an affiliate of Regent University BDC, USA. This partnership now enables the running of the Regent University curriculum and issuing of Certificate in Entrepreneurship Management.


Quantum Business School and entrepreneurship centre in collaboration with Regent University BDC, USA and Rwanda BDC presents this golden opportunity, “QUANTUM BUSINESS CONFERENCE, RWANDA” from June 24 to 30th, 2018 for business owners and executives to be connected to a global audience and market.

The Quantum Entrepreneurial Conference, Rwanda will  create a level playing ground for the marketing of your goods and services. Open you up to be a better manager of your company and managing skills in handling both human and material resources.

Land Of Opportunity

In its bid to develop her country after its internal genocide, Rwanda is now a ground for greater opportunities. It is now an avenue for the exportation of your goods and services, in such bid, allow you to have a global audience for you and your business.

Tax Free

Every business man understands what it means to have a tax free environment. It saves cost and facilitates a better profit which is the goal of every business executive. With its tax free policy, Rwanda is definitely a place to invest in.

Networking with Other Entrepreneurs

The Quantum Business Conference, Rwanda is a catalyst in meeting other entrepreneurs from other countries such as Rwanda and Uganda with ideologies that will help in the improvement of a business. Most participants are already in business as members of the Rwanda Chambers of Commerce and Rwanda Chambers of Women Entrepreneurs.


  1. Create positive linkages for your business
  2. Network with proven business leaders from the RCC and RCWB.
  3. Participate freely in the global business forum training
  4. Great opportunity to have your business on international road map across across East Africa.
  5. Opportunities to fast track your business growth into new frontiers without barriers.
  6. Trip is highly subsidized and structured to give you a head start.
  7. Only limited spaces available.


Quantum Entrepreneur Conference is definitely an opportunity for the expansion of your business.


The Quantum Rwanda Conference is scheduled in two parts

  1. Depart Lagos to Rwanda on 24th June, 2018
  2. Exhibition and Networking program is scheduled for June 25th and 26th, 2018.
  3. Specialized training in Marketing and Customer Service and one on one, Mentorship on June 27th and 28th
  4. Tours of notable locations in Rwanda 30th June, 2018
  5. Depart Rwanda on the 1st of July, 2018



The cost of trip per person for the first programme from 24-30th June, 2018 is starting from N250,000 per person for a shared accommodation in a clean 2 star rated Hotel. This covers economy ticket from Lagos to Rwanda and hotel accommodation for the period plus breakfast. However those who choose not to pair shall pay additional $300 for the accommodation.

However those who prefer a 4 Star hotel and willing to pair with another person of same sex will be required to pay N450,000.00 only. This fee covers economy ticket and 4 star hotel accommodations. All fees cover Bed and breakfast only. Similarly additional $400 if not pairing.

Each person is required to pay for their visa at point of entry at the cost of $30 (Thirty US dollars only). However Quantum alumni and Adwib members will pay additional $50 as conference fee while non members will pay $150 only.

How To Apply:

All interested persons for the Quantum Rwanda Business Conference should indicate their interest by sending an email to qbs.entrepreneurship@gmail.com or call 08081498903


No. 1 Orusa Street by Woke Street off Abacha Road,

Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

Mobile:  08081498903

Email: qbs.entrepreneurship@gmail.com

Website: www.qbs.com.ng

Facebook: www.facebook.com/qbs

For further enquiries call the above numbers or send us an email. We shall promptly respond to you.

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