QBS was established in 2006 as an arm of Quantum Projects Limited. Quantum Business School & Entrepreneurship Centre is a purely 100% privately owned Nigeria Business School. It was established to stimulate the development of SME’s in Nigeria. It is indeed the first business school to commence entrepreneurial training and development in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria. With the dwindling revenues from Petroleum, the Nigerian economy requires immediate diversification coupled with high unemployment rate, SME development have become the primary target.

Our Objectives

1. To provide a learning environment for the teaching, study, research and development of entrepreneurship.
2. To build a would class business study and training centre in the Nigeria.
3. To provide business support and development services for SMEs in the Nigeria.
4. To provide business networking opportunity for Small Business Owners.

Critical Success Factor

Our key success for the Business School includes:
1. Maintaining a reputable and qualitative training centre.
2. To provide leadership and entrepreneurship training that will equip the students for the future.
3. To provide flexible hours and privacy in our training curriculum
4. Affordable pricing


Our activities include creative services that helps the entrepreneur give experience to his/her dream from idea generation to implementation. The process focuses on research facilitation, business support, consultation and development of SMEs. We also provide mentorship and networking opportunity for business owners.


Developing leaders with ethical values and strong moral standards for integrity and excellent performance in the market place.


Our mission is to promote entrepreneurial leadership and performance excellence in the workplace using qualitative training methods and tools that inspires creativity and innovation with strong emphasis on value creation.