Many young Nigerians desire to start their own businesses but do not have the financial capacity to sponsor themselves in our cognitive entrepreneurship training.

Interested Organization’s sponsorship or scholarship program is available for those who wish to attend but do not have the financial capacity to pay for themselves. Scholarships are between 50% – 75% of cost while the student bears the rest.

There is also provision for 100% scholarship sponsorship for designated trainees supplied by any institution or body.

For all sponsorship details kindly contact our

Quadrants as well as other interested members of the public can access funding at low interest rates for manufacturing and processing businesses that add value in Nigeria.

For details on the loans and requirements, kindly log on BOI on this website and get all the details or call at Quantum Projects Limited helpdesk 0803-054-5566 or 0808-149-8903 for details.

The second batch of 2022 QEDF Scholarship registration is closed, see you in 2023!