Cyber security refers to a set of techniques used to protect systems, network and data from cyber-attacks. It aims at ensuring a system’s integrity and confidentiality of information. There are many kinds of cyber-attacks such as malware, phishing, unpatched software, hijacking files,  hacking and identity theft, to name a few. Cyber Security training make you well versed with the processes and practices followed for protecting networks and data from unauthorized attacks. These courses enable you to detect vulnerabilities of a system, ward off attacks and manage emergency situations.

What you’ll learn

  • Focus on IT compliance and the integrity of enterprise systems to establish a more secure enterprise IT framework.
  • Comprehend legal requirements, privacy issues and audit process methodologies within the cloud environment.
  • Understand security in cloud computing architecture in depth.
  • Adhere to ethical security behaviour for risk analysis and mitigation.
  • Implement technical strategies, tools, and techniques to secure data and information for your organization.

Course Duration: 8 weeks
Regular Class: 3 times in a week (6hrs)